I stopped to think the other day
It was a weird moment in a life
hitherto not given to thought

How should i go about it?
Does it take a long time
or is it over in a second?

An idea struck me
Knocked me over
Chewed me up
and spat me out.

That was not very pleasant
I thought
was that it?
My thought for the day?

Cannot be
There has to be more to it than that

Let’s try again.
The original idea rose up again
but this time I stood up to it

and then, it led on to the next one
and the next
each time I got stronger
each time I had more
more and yet more

Doubts began to spring into my mind
interlaced with injections of joy
as I joined the dots
and could take my reasoning further
onto the next stage

Fears would arise in my mind
Trying to scare me into stopping
but no I had to go on
Now I have started there is no going back

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