Poetry reading

I arrived not knowing what to expect
from the reading that was going to take place.
I feel like I always feel,
nervous for the one that before me stands to perform
nervous for them,
that all goes according to their plan.
I saw the lights, the books, the everything surrounding me as soon as you began.
I wanted to lose myself in your words, your rhythm and the electric guitar sounds.
A glass of wine and my eyes closed and I was away.
The atmospheric meditative sounds led my thoughts.
You spoke much about your mother and father,
and I wandered about in my mind about mine.
Travelling around from place to face.
Your elegiac tones, or were they my own vague and vain remembrances.
To be me and to be you at this time was the same.
Your words could have been mine and my thoughts yours.
I thank you.

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