A milkmaid’s tale

I lived in this man-made mess

Entirely not of my own making

Men dined on my humility

Ate from my insecurity

Time was my enemy

My old name taunted me

Haunted and raped me

My dead child remained

Forever in my broken heart

A chain around my neck

I became forgotten

A gossamer ghost

Trembling from existence

Frightened by corporality

Wishing to be absent

To be swallowed up

An invisible nothingness

But also to be wanted

by my distant beloved

whose stubborn heart

did eventually turn

although too late

to save my soul

The knife had been sunk

into my wrongdoer’s heart

With that liberating blow

My fate had been sealed

Incarcerated to face

My execution, my escape.

Giving up

I dropped to my knees

Ended all signs of defiance

It was the end of days

My days

Cracked under the strain

Of lack of understanding

Never able to explain

It’s wilful impertinence

To obfuscate everything

An infuriating silence

Forever answering my questions

Deafened by the voiceless

Strangled by the rope of secrecy

The universe completes its cycle

Without letting its soul escape

I sink to my knees, hopeless.

The goats are coming

There are goats across the street eating away at the detritus of humankind, and the stars are coming out of their darkness to the chagrin of the right wing closed-minded slime that walks the earth impersonating decency.  The future as a hole will be fallen into when the past has slid down the hillside and the present no longer presents itself as a valid source.  A tasteless vapid nonsense that never Iives up to the advertising slogan. A neon sign generating a continuous lie lighting up the heavens and leading us to consumerist hell.

One morning

Flight has stopped

But the song goes on

A natural beauty

Fills the morning air

While organ sounds

Reverberating from within

The grand stone edifice

With heavenward stare

Chattering people

Smiling faces

Joy to the children

Great sights to behold

One sunny morning

A perfect scene

Heartwarming moments

A memory to last.