Earth’s tears

The time to cry has passed

and laughter has had its last

A certain melancholy

drowns in the holy

water of earth’s tears

Droplets flow down

its raw red cheeks

and the stream

winds its way slowly

to the river’s delta

pouring out into the ocean

forgetting its dreams

under the waves of desperation.


You are made up

Of millions of little pieces

All held together

By your mind

An ever-growing flow

Of experience

And emotion

Multi-form and -colour

Pieces stuck onto

And into each other

Each and every episode

Plays tag with the other

Joining together

In the puzzle of life

A jigsaw and a game

Of connect forever

Always expanding

And enlarging




A crowd of people

Shouted something

Without sense

And we all drifted

Into the underground

Where silence reigned

And we remained there

Until our minds were rested.

Climbing back above ground

The rain it poured

Cleansing us from nonsense

And freeing us from chaos

And a hateful world

Where the loudest rules

And the abhorrent laziness

Of the venomous trolls

Unthinking and unblinking

Tear into our tears

And prey on our fears.

Clinging onto a sanity

That only we know

Or think we know.

We try to continue to exist

With a strength of mind

And our understanding

Of this confusing world.