The room disappeared

in a velvet daydream,

sounds held sway over us and

we hid inside a butterfly wing,

carried over hill and dale

until the fragility of our host

could hold us no more,

then music was our guide

and our emotion,

it was just for a moment

and the ghost that was

that instant will haunt us always,

but the haunting will

be glorious, with no pain,

and it will penetrate our bodies

and leave us fulfilled, and reborn.


Reset and reload

I lie naked before

the universe

bare, open, bleeding,

hemorrhaging life

hanging in a noose

slowly tightening

around my fragile neck,

a blot on the landscape,

an insignificant dot

in a morse code of dashes,

foraging for meaning,

scraping for creativity,

need to reset and reload.

Presence tense

Stepping on a train

there was nothing

but limited time

and the pouring rain.


A lone carriage car

was my home

no warm fireplace,

but not very far


was an cosy armchair

where I rest my form

nothing less or more

than my presence there.


Was I really content?

– question unanswered

Great towering steeples

and time just leant


and I slid slowly

down its endless

slippery slope

until I was wholly


consumed within

its grand halls

and passageways,

enveloped in its skin.