Staring out over the water

The old man stares out at the sea

Never drowning in its depth

Nor being washed away in its flow

Keeping his ears wide open

for the screaming gull

Keeping his eyes wide open

for the crashing wave

Each tide holding him tight

Then letting him free to go.

Turning from the watery expanse

He feels its lunar inspired pull

A comforting tug on his sleeve

To return to its liquid grasp.

His head turns to look once more

To whisper adieu

Until the next time

The sea calls out his name.

The End

A stark red monolith

Full of momentum

Devoid of life

Crashes through my dream

Landing burning destroying

Complete destruction

Blood everywhere

Pouring over the earth

Seaping into the crevasses

Soaking into the pores

Bringing forth such silence

Louder than a bomb

More devastating

A mushroom plume

Blinding all around

Wasting slowly away

Atrophy anonymous

In its omniscience.


You are made up

Of millions of little pieces

All held together

By your mind

An ever-growing flow

Of experience

And emotion

Multi-form and -colour

Pieces stuck onto

And into each other

Each and every episode

Plays tag with the other

Joining together

In the puzzle of life

A jigsaw and a game

Of connect forever

Always expanding

And enlarging