How many different footprints

Do we leave behind

Imprinted in the mind

Of those we have crossed

Those we have loved

And those we have lost?

All those footprints

Are left indelibly behind

As a reminder that

We were all once here

That we have all

made our difference.

Honesty for the children

The stories we told

To the children

Were straight from the heart

With no holds barred

They deserved the truth

No lies from our tongues

Were ever heard

Our mouths opened up

And released only

honest and thoughtful words

The tales were free

Not even going for a song

The melody was simple

The tune a tonic for the soul

A good beginning

Was what they deserved

And that’s was what

We endeavoured to bring.

Time for you to depart

An unwanted but expected ending

Stabs deeply at my heart

The once blooming rose

Has waned and faded away.

You were my one and only love

Through all kinds of weather

But now the season has changed

And emptiness chills my heart

Its beat has become heavy

While yours has lost all hope

No longer maintaining life.

Its once regular beating

Has finally drawn to a close

Ending your journey of pain

While mine has just begun.

Fly my sweet to your resting place

I will follow when my time comes

And we will be together once again.

Tears for us

Something in my eye

I thought

A tear unnoticed

Falling over my cheek

A sad thought

For the riotous emotions

Passing before me

A failing society burning

And collapsing

Under the weight of loss

Disappearing dreams

And fading prospects

A life not worth living

The answer destruction

And the tear fell from my chin

And others followed

So quickly after.


Souls drowning on the wrong

Side of the street

Dropping from the

Highest pedestal

That existed so far

In the depths of the earth

That no-one but

The frightened genius

Could fathom their soul

And reason with

Their confused dreams.

A tight fraught mind

Dampens the fantasy

Of the desperate fiend

Clinging onto a veil

Trying so hard

To hide from the world

Frightened by the friend

Empathy with the enemy

A drop of blood

Is all we need

A heart bleeding

Happiness and love

Shall forever overcome

The deafening rhythm

Of frightening nightmares

Hold me tight

I am afraid of letting go

But if I should fall

Then I will vanish from all

And banish myself

To endless oblivion

To peace at last.

Letting go

I haven’t felt like

Letting go for a while

But the blind and deaf

Are just adding to the shit pile

Totally ignorant of

Everything but narcissism

An ego far too far

In your playground of fascism

Faulty and very broken

They demonstrate

A lack of compassion

And a total love of hate.