Birth of a new idea

Stumbling around your dream

like a stunned creature

returning from its fight

with the outside world.

Great tides of thoughts

washing incessantly within

and against the rocks of

your long held beliefs.

A confusion ebbs and flows

a wringing of purpose

and perception until

a seemingly solid

idea is newly born.

Cacophony and commotion

I only know for certain

that nothing is certain

and virtually nothing

is set in stone.

The curtains I draw

every single evening

allow me to focus

on my own reflections

to shut out

the multitude of thoughts

of others.

Collect myself for

the coming day

when the light

will once again

stream into my room

accompanied by the

cacophony and commotion

of the people outside.


I blocked it out

Or tried to at least

Don’t know what I feel

Anxiety is making a feast

I dropped the line

Couldn’t figure it out

What was being said

Made me scream and shout

I cried out again

But received no echo

There was but silence

Felt like time to go

I stopped in my weep

Not knowing why

In the end it felt okay

All my tears to dry

Hello, how are you?

Hello, how are you?

I am anxious and afraid

Unable to live my life

It has rained on my parade

Hello, how are you?

My mind is heavy and dark

Can’t see through the mist

No light not even a spark

Hello, how are you?

The valley sides are steep

And I lie in the deepest pit

Ghoulish nightmares, no sleep

Now it is understood

My slight heart

Has taken all it can

The beats are softer

Now that it understands

My slight mind

Has taken all it can

The thoughts are rarer

Now that it understands

My slight self

Has taken all it can

The me is broader

Now that it understands

My slight hand

Has taken all it can

The palm is open

Now that it understands

My slight mouth

Has taken all it can

The lips are shut

Now that they understand

The day I became a tree

Sometimes circumstances change

that truly astound us.

I wandered lonely in a crowd

Stood a moment still

to admire the view

When I became a tree

My feet the roots

My legs and body the trunk

My arms the branches

My fingers the twigs

It was winter

I was naked

Bare to the elements

From inside I waited

For the spring to come

Biding my time

Keeping watch over

the world

A warming sun touched

My bare form

From the tips sprouted buds

And the blossom

Made the people stare

I was not shy

Showing off my beauty

Leaves unfolded

In the warm air

Like opening hands




Summer came

I was fully alive

Bountiful in my breath

Giving shelter and shadow

From the blazing heat.

As time passed

I felt the cooling breeze

And my cloak

became a earthy hue

Autumn had arrived

I was a golden beacon

Shining in the waning sun

Ready to shed my finery

Retreat to my exposed state.