Shadow behind the curtain

There’s a shadow behind the curtain

seen from the corner of my eye

strands of dread forge through me

that my relaxed countenance belie


A silhouette silently stalking

turning up when I least expect

on edge and anxiously waiting

for this apparition to interject.


Don’t abandon me my love

never let this dark spectre loose

to terrorise and conquer me, else

this haunting spirit become my noose.



Permit me to take your playful hand

that zany disposition will prevent

disorder devised by the bitter regent

and create a tighter human band.


Summon with that magic wand

ephemeral contexts for us all to see

dispose of the old outdated scenery

breathe new life from drifting sand.


Love’s interest lies over all the land

Romance invents its beguiling dance

be sophiticated and live to entrance

let love endure to be fine and grand.

A to Z of diverse things

Alphabetically answering anecdotes

Boldly biting bats

Cunningly conniving conquests

Dutifully devouring death

Effortlessly eating elephants

Fatally fighting futility

Gradually grinding ground

Hastily haunting hounds

Immediately imitating indigo

Jerkily joking jaunts

Killingly keeping koalas

Lovingly living life

Malevolently mauling mayhem

Nicely naming noone

Onerously opting out

Painfully pining peace

Quietly questioning queens

Ravishingly raucous rangers

Staunchly standing still

Tantalisingly taking time

Ultimately usurping usefulness

Violently vilifying vampires

Willingly wanting waste

Xenophobically xeroxing x-rays

Youthfully yelling yippee

Zestfully zipping zebras

The laden sky

The heavily laden sky

hanging like a shroud over your head

a dense blanket of deep shame

and guilty promises

a teeming downpour of tears

drowning out the screams

of tormented children

abandoned and destitute

cruelly denied a loving spirit

by the mean minded heavens

to scream, to dream, to summon

a better life than the one

randomly placed before you.