Moving on

Still searching for that light

Craving something new

Willing for a star so bright

A brilliant ‘bitches brew’

Never going to give up

Looking for the grail

Avoiding the mundane cup

Through wind and rain and hail

Finding a moment of peace

One minute of relaxation

An instant of pure release

A substance called satisfaction

Acting our lives out

Is it all theatre?

A one person show?

Centre stage

To know or not to know

Waiting in the wings

To take the lights

Nervously watching

Preparing for the fights

Learning our lines

Getting better each day

Dealing with life

At work and at play

Refine our actor’s skill

A constant rehearsal

Never the opening night

No time for reversal

Forgetting our lines

Friends lend a helping hand

Sad end, new beginning

Surviving waves, quick sand

Looking always forward

Ever avoiding the fall

Until our last breath

Our final curtain call

Sunlight and shadows

Splitting the light beams

Striking the radio waves

Blowing out bubbles

Into the slipstream

A silent subterranean star

Brightens the subway

And leaves the train

In a transport of delight

Follow the sun

And never be free

From the radiant rays

Trembling heat devours

The fragile water flow

And we will live a life

Seemingly innocent and joyful

While all around us

Cower in the shadows.

Blackness and blankness

Silent streams of sadness

Flow around my thought

A blackness and blankness

That this age has brought

An unwilling conspirer

In this hellish realm

Swept along with tides

That me overwhelm

Yielding to the drift

Wind blown ageless dust

Crying for direction

But turning in disgust

A treasonous act

Was my first breath

A lasting relief

Will be my death.