Wind and Sun

I had hoped the wind

Would wind me down

Drag and drop me

Softly to the ground

But it didn’t spare me

And silently spun me

Around and around.

The sun took pity

Shone deeply in

To warm and succour me

Shield me from the coldness

Of this nature’s breath

Soaked in its warm rays

Melting into balmy days.

Have a heart

The hardest heart

Can drop its guard

Let in the hurt

And release the scarred

Let go of the scared

Bleed it’s very last

From its very core

Forget all that has passed

No future no past

A moment is all

Beating a rhythm

Standing above the tall

The telling of a tale

Keeps us all going

Like the heart beating

It’s the spirit ever growing

Cambodian Killing Tree

Its once natural strength

Gained through the years

Has now grown so weary

The melancholy killing tree

Arms boldly striking out

Powerless to prevent

Humanity at its worst

From rearing its frightful head

The skulls of innocents

Battered on its silent bark

No voice in dissent

was allowed to survive

Only the tree still stands tall

As voiceless witness to the barbarity

that surrounded its form

in the name of revolution and liberation.

Feelings and notions

A turbulent sensation

Borrowed a thought

Placed it in my hand

Then crushed it flat

Breaking my bones

Destroying the thought

The healing had not begun

But the sensation returned

To relinquish its hold

On the vanquished thought

Letting it roam free once again

To fight and wing its way

Through the mighty maze

Where ideas are born and rise

Or where they fade and die

The feelings and the notions

Walking hand in hand

Not always in time with each other.


You give me an alias

It is not really you

But it’s also known as you

A grin wide across your face

Gives away the traces

Of deceit and lies

That trail behind you

Not fading into memory

Remaining in the forefront

Of my ever alert mind

Watching studying you

Trying to catch you out

But you are clever and sly

And my watchful eyes

Must be vigilant and aware

Of tiny motions of duplicity

On constant guard

Anxious and afraid

You will be my death

My end.

Lord of the dance

We danced in the night

Baptised ourselves in the rain

Caressed our broken hearts

Tried to ease the ceaseless pain

The cross stood before us

While the wine it poured

And bread that fed us

Drove deeper in the sword

A bitter crown of thorns

Lay alone on the throne

Noone dared be so adorned

Lest they throw the first stone

Crosses borne upon our back

Silent burdens stoicly carried

Forgetting to forgive

Remembering those who harried

The dance has ended

We sleep and don’t dream

A void is our home

Our hearth is a scream

Ridicule and lunacy win the day

Ridicule shunned the human race

“It really is a disgrace”

Mocking it out loud

Then, stopped in its tracks

Denied the next opportunity as

Reason rose from the pit

To decry the madness

Striking fear into the fearless

Hope stood by its side

Carried its head high

Pushing ridicule back into its hole

But stealthily coming from behind

Lunacy laughed in maddening ways

Screamed and writhed

Creating torment and despair

Where it already lay

Ridicule and lunacy won the day

Reason skulked back into its corner

To regroup and rethink

Its future strategy in a crazy world.