The day I became a tree

Sometimes circumstances change

that truly astound us.

I wandered lonely in a crowd

Stood a moment still

to admire the view

When I became a tree

My feet the roots

My legs and body the trunk

My arms the branches

My fingers the twigs

It was winter

I was naked

Bare to the elements

From inside I waited

For the spring to come

Biding my time

Keeping watch over

the world

A warming sun touched

My bare form

From the tips sprouted buds

And the blossom

Made the people stare

I was not shy

Showing off my beauty

Leaves unfolded

In the warm air

Like opening hands




Summer came

I was fully alive

Bountiful in my breath

Giving shelter and shadow

From the blazing heat.

As time passed

I felt the cooling breeze

And my cloak

became a earthy hue

Autumn had arrived

I was a golden beacon

Shining in the waning sun

Ready to shed my finery

Retreat to my exposed state.

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