A Shopping List

An amorous avenue

to the action

A bitter battle

to the beyond

A careful carry

to the crib

A dreadful deed

to the devil

An evil entrance

to the end

A fearful foray

to the forever

A gregarious gathering

to the grateful

A harmonious hymn

to the heavens

An indignant itching

to the ignominious

A jolly joke

to the jester

A killing karma

to the khalif

A lively loathing

to the liked

A momentary meaning

to the movement

A nonsensical noting

to the notion

An open orifice

to the orator

A piercing preach

to the priest

A quiet question

to the quizical

A restful rebellion

to the restless

A subtle submission

to the sublime

A tearful tirade

to the tyrant

An unfulfilled union

to the unloved

A violent victory

to the vacuous

A wily wandering

to the wicked

A xenial xenium

to the xenophobe

A yellow yell

to the yielding

A zealous zigzag

to the ziggurat.

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