Lies will die

Friendly fire has taken them down

And the devil’s frown

Raised a little titter,

God lowered his head

In shame,

And cried a tear

For his fallen game.

Creation was easy

Said the genesis man,

A week is a short space

Of time for the eternal mime,

The sadness of eternity

Cries an endless river of tears

For the lives lost

And the tormented ones,

Who are tossed

Aside like an unwanted cloth.

Frightened little people

Make giant mistakes

And we live in fear

Of the venomous snakes

Who never learn,

And commit their lies

In shadows cruel and bare.

Step out of the darkness

And deliver a light

To the angel of death

So you can live on

And breathe another breath.

It’s not too late

To free ourselves

From bigots and liars

To throw them

Into eternal pyres

Where the vacuity of

Their existence

Is burnt to a cinder

And their ashes are

Blown to the wind.

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