Watery abandon

I started by tentatively

Dropping my toes

Into the cold liquid

That had been placed before me

Once accustomed to the condition

I grew ever more bold

And transformed into a lion

Pacing around the area

Of this temporary pool.

The regular form of this bath

Did not allow me to stray,

Constrained by the walls

I hugged tightly to their feel

And seemingly dry touch.

I did not roar or growl

As my tongue felt tied

And my strength defeated

As if I had defied some law

Or some other kind of rule,

Unbeknownst to me.

I laid down to rest

And let my body

Soak in this watery bed

Happy to watch the waves

Spreading slowly from me.

Now sleep has laid its hand upon me

I will perhaps dream of becoming

This lion again for another day.

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