Sexually mistaken

The clothes over

the carpet strewn

a voiceless tyranny

signalling my ruin.


A naked pink jacket

bedecking a skeleton cold

drowned in deadly arousal

leaving me still and old.


A mistake of sexual nature

was my eventual downfall

failure was never my intention

and a mute shout my call.

8 thoughts on “Sexually mistaken

      1. Be honest Jon I will just copy here a comment I just made on WOL, am I being a tad to prudish…

        Copy of post:

        (Visiting writer Jeffrey Zable)


        If I say stop fucking more people into this world
        until things level off, you must listen to me.
        I can’t emphasize enough the need to improve
        the conditions for the vast majority before we even think
        of producing more people, most of whom just wind up
        as numbers, throwaways, doing nothing more than
        taking advantage of the system, skidding along on
        tax payers’ dollars and burdening the rich and powerful
        with a sense of guilt that they don’t do more philanthropic
        work, donating to charities, and organizing food giveaways
        outside their mansions. What I’m saying is that if more
        women would just say no, and play more with dolls
        instead of producing babies, and give men hand jobs
        instead of allowing them to put their thing in that place
        which should principally be used for expelling a variety
        of liquids such as diet coke and coffee, the world could slowly
        get back to the way it was when there still was an opportunity
        for everyone to have their own plot of land, a refrigerator,
        and an automatic dishwasher. . .

        My reply:-


        What a nasty piece of work.

        This diatribe is full of invective conjectures… (Just a polite way of saying what I really think).


        I know from the past you are somebody I can trust to get an honest answer Jon

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Is that still on WOL?. I cannot find it. Under what profile name? I think it is disgusting. Could have come out of that Andrew Subisky’s mouth. Is it for real or just to get a reaction?


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