Myopic hordes

The cracked ice was a sign,

an unnoticed warning

of the dangers ahead

but no one heeded it,

ignored it and

were blindly fed

by the cyclops’ hand.

Nobody saw the distance

as so great and

the myopic vision

you foretold

was gathered unseen

by the hordes

running wildly

to their demise.

3 thoughts on “Myopic hordes

  1. I really like this imagery poetry Jon.. makes me feel cold just reading it! Brrrr.
    We had a really sharp frost today, with far worse weather to come this weekend… I may have to just stay in and read and write some stuff… Actually, I have got some major decorating to do over the next couple of weeks, getting the study ready for the new venture!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Po. Yeah, I heard about the storm coming. We shall get the same here in NL. Safer to stay in, I agree, although I do have plans to go out and about on Sunday. I will keep a watch out for flying objects. Good luck with the decorating.


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