Coming across myself in the woods

Walking in the woods one day

this man came up to me

said that he had lost his mind

amongst the branches of a tree.


I asked him what was his name

he looked at me and said

I do not know, I cannot tell

the tree it struck me dead.


How could this be I inquired

not knowing what he meant

he looked away disbelievingly

his form a change it underwent.


As seconds went by he disappeared

I carried on my way

pondering over what he’d done

and what he’d had to say.


As I remembered the look on his face

and the blank look in his eye

I caught a branch upon my head

and felt I was going to die.


As I awoke unexpectedly

I noticed a passer-by

to me he had a familiar face

I stared and saw that it was I.


I approached with extreme caution

but couldn’t remember a thing

this man he didn’t comprehend

and the time came to begin.

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