Lead me on

She lets me dream

of rainbow streams

and takes my hand

in gracious dreams.


The path she treads

has been cast in gold,

and from ear to ear

listen to tales unfold.


Slight is her form

but strong her resolve

treading the road

in her heart I dissolve.

5 thoughts on “Lead me on

  1. Hi Jon

    I have lost an awful lot of time last year… The most important thing about this is, I have not seen what is going on outside of my small view on the poetry scene. Missing this wonderful piece for example.

    You will know of what I post on WOL, and you always give close support, from a distance that seems just a heartbeat away.

    I joined here what seems like an age ago myself, and yet have made no attempt to post.

    This year I am going to widen my horizon’s and fly a little further from the nest.

    I could have missed this. and that would have be a travesty.

    I do feel that you have a great talent Jon, and yet as I look at this site it seems that it is not a place where you/me will get much exposure. This maybe something that does not matter to you, however I feel that you are depriving huge audiences that would get the same feelings as I, reading this one poem alone.

    I am wandering, both in my thoughts and my poetry’s direction. This is my first resting place. I intend to follow a few who have gone before, and see where that leads me.

    I have made contact with ‘The Big Guy’ and hope to build some bridges that were smashed by certain events at WOL. I mention this because I know like you, he is at heart, a poet, great inspiration, and a genuine all round nice guy to know. Plenty would think me wrong I’m certain, however I speak as I find.

    Kindest regards


  2. Hi Po,

    Thanks for reading. Thank you so much for the words of encouragement.
    I do not know if I have any talent, but writing is a great emotional and psychological release for me. I like getting ‘likes’, and would like a wider audience, but am not a great seller of myself. I guess if it really mattered to me I would go out and publicise myself more, but I don’t. So, there it is. But you never know what may happen. 🙂

    I post everything on the wordpress site (goes directly to twitter, too) and some on instagram and some on WOL. No real logic to what is published on the latter two. I do it when I feel like it really. 🙂

    After what happened on WOL with Big Sal and Wolfgar I lost a bit of love for the site. I read Big Sal (I agree. A great guy, great self publicist as well as a great publicist for poets and poetry, in general) on IG and Wolfgar here. I also read Nora Kogka aka Mae Foreman on IG and Devon Brock here on WordPress. Both ex-WOL.

    You are a good man, full of encouragement for so many. Keep up the good work. I love reading your poems. Always a talking point.

    All the best,


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