Never ending

Do we live to make our lives smaller

the older we get

to shrink into our own existence

finally becoming a pinprick

and then obliteration,

or do we expand and create,

and grow and inflate,

float amongst the stars,

around the milky way

and onto other galaxies,

an energy never ending

a spirit free to roam?

7 thoughts on “Never ending

    1. Thanks, Colin. For me, I do not want to just go ‘gentle into that good night’. Finding fulfillment and worth is so hard, though. I try to just let it flow. Who knows? We do what we can.

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      1. I agree about the difficulty of finding fulfilment and worth when everything we do often feels like a rerun of things we’ve already done. I guess that’s why people have bucket lists, but even exotic travel experiences can seem hollow when packaged into tick boxing exercises. As you say, go with the flow.

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  1. Yes!! I love this one. What a lovely reminder to keep creating. Keep trying. I feel like I made myself small for so long, I’d forgotten how big things inside me could be. Thank you for sharing your beautiful words, as always. &*& (Two Buddhas hugging)

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