Sleep now my love, the night is still young

I blew my breath into your body

inflated you to a pedestal on high

bloody and torn you creased up

and died on that terrible morn.


Wholely incapable of logical thought

the fateful dagger in your heart

has been twisted a thousand times

but still the blood continues to flow.


Will you not die my beautiful friend?

I love your hateful, distasteful heart

a hatful of nightmares can but only

become a rainbow of shadow dreams.

10 thoughts on “Sleep now my love, the night is still young

  1. Hi Jon!!! I am good thank you!!! Missing writing and reading! Oh, so nice to be surrounded with positive energy again! 😘


      1. Thank you Jon. I just posted something, very spiritual poem. Not sure if for your liking. The words from my heart… 😘

        Liked by 1 person

      2. We all come from different places and I try and understand and appreciate this. I like the poem. It comes from your heart and I feel and respect that. Your work is always full of heart. 😘


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