The spell must not be broken

The spell will not be broken

erotically laden words

cross the borders of our lips

departing one land for the other

strange, mysterious, unique

a virgin territory, untouched

our tongues eagerly anticipating

the first taste of our passion

waiting to feed on love’s feast

an adventure in verbal sensuality

a fantasy that grabs your core

leaving you exhausted and fulfilled

don’t stop this sexual wordplay

The spell must not be broken

3 thoughts on “The spell must not be broken

  1. Hi Jon
    This is a great poem. I really enjoyed reading it.

    I have been a member here for quite a while and have not used it at all yet.
    This is my first posting.

    It is a good place to post poetry in an archiving sense, however it seems after a brief look that it does not have such a wide audience as WOL.

    I like to receive feedback because it gives me a sense of ‘is my poetry any good’ As so many post at WOL in all kinds of topics and styles and ability it is a good yard stick to gauge how well my stuff stacks up.

    I will post some rhyme here in time.

    It is nice to spend some time reading your poetry Jon. I am very grateful to have your support over the last couple of months or so.


  2. Thanks, Po.

    Yes, the audience is not as big, but it gives, as you say, a place to archive stuff. I use one drive as well.
    I use Twitter as well.

    Slowly building up a bigger public, I hope. Although I try let my ego go and not worry about that.

    I really like your work. The new one with Big Sal is great.


    1. I am thinking along the same lines Jon. It is time for me to climb out from under that rock and ‘get out there’
      I feel that the more places we can post the more followers we will find and the more people will find us.

      I am two years away from retirement and am working towards a book, some videos, some evenings performing poetry. Fund raising for various worthy causes. I have in the past done some evenings and found them a great way of helping others to help themselves… and me in the process.

      I was first attracted to Big Sal because he is good at self promotion which I am hopeless at. He has given me some practical insight on how to raise my profile and self promote and self publish.

      From the start of joining WOL I was drawn to the comradery and support I received. Especially from yourself Jon.

      After all if we keep our poetry locked away, how will we ever know if it is worthy of a bigger audience. Or indeed any good at all.


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