Peace, love and understanding have left the building

Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen

They’ve really enjoyed playing here over the years

It has been a wonderful experience for one and all

but now it is my sad duty to announce that

peace,  love and understanding have left the building


Peace,  she left by the back door

Her sullen face only lightened by the thought

that it cannot always be this way

Wandering around between the ruins

of the past, present and future

weeping for a world seemingly

weary of compassion for itself


Love,  she left by the side door

Despondent at the lack of empathy

Her heart in tatters looking for repair

in the furthest reaches of the globe

The wilderness will enfold her

and she will take respite

to return fuller and stronger


Understanding,  she decided to just

use the front door bold as brass

Never a second hesitating

Straight into the street searching

for a ounce of forethought and

common sense amongst the

ignorant people aimlessly roaming.


Ladies and gentlemen

They will return

Please be patient

Please have faith

Please have hope.

Thank you and good night.


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