Daybreak moments

The day is emerging from its nightly slumber
opening its sleep weary eyes to peak at the surroundings.
The human race joins in this rebirth
every day is a new fresh feast for the senses.

What wonders do I behold
while walking on the near empty street
the distant golden orb shining
its warming rays on my naked face

The strimmer-man at his task
cutting forth the fresh aroma
from this turf letting forth
its aroma so naturally
full of goodness and life.

People on their way to work
Some with lengthening stride
A meeting date, arriving too late?
Some with head held high
I look each of them in the eye
and give a smile, a returning grin
would be the answer that makes
the start of my day a happy one.

Some stooped down to the ground
what are their thoughts?
where are they bound?
Tied to an impression from yesterday
Held back from this moment
The past has them in chains
Be mindful of this present.

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