Out of the Nightmare

The lady, she told me it was alright,
said I shouldn’t be fooled
by the cold, heartless night.
Don’t be lulled into its clenching
grasp, or succumb to its evil murmuring.

She took my heart and held my hand,
led me gently through the forest.
It was a fine place, and mighty grand.
A moment’s rest she gave me there,
my emotional state still nurturing.

We wandered through morning mists,
raindrops softly caressing my skin,
we drank from streams of pure delight.
Holding me close, so gentle of touch
she fashioned me a warm, deep mood,
surrounded me with soothing sounds,
and protected me from that wretched night.

With time, we reached the long path’s end,
and glanced along the wooded fringe.
Her words of release were full of joy
but, gripped with a melancholy tinge.
I departed her side, and with sad conviction never looked around.

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