Education ‘Wild West’

When did learning become a contest

Schools become a fighting ground

Where those that don’t fit in

Are no longer to be found?

Excluded and forgotten children

Left in their bedroom corner curled

Tired and frightened and angry

In our ever more competitive world.

Our sense of ‘moral accountability’

Has been thrown out with the bath water

Tossed into another huge ocean

Where our young lie amid the slaughter.

A game of cowboys and indians

Has gone awry, from child’s play

To a needless gunfight

Where the system has its way,

and individuals are invisible.

Once kicked out of this rigid maze

where we are told we should stay,

be obedient and avert our gaze.

Learning is fine and grand

It is something we do without thinking

It comes naturally to all

So why does it feel like we are sinking?

Inspired by the following article:

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