Ghostly way

My father and mother in front, us boys behind.
It was the most wonderfully frightening experience for us back then.
When asked it was always the way we wanted to go.
Not the usual way down the brightly lit carriageway, but
through the village then, a turn to the right
down the ‘ghosty’ way on our way back home.

Dimming the car lights
The horror show could begin.
The white blanketed roadside
at intervals planted with
living skeletons reaching
high up to the heavens.
The absence of light created
solid blocks of hedgerow holding us trapped,
but also guiding us along our path.
The darkness spreading out before our eyes
we imagined our car being swallowed by this black hole,
the feelings of fear, but also exileration enveloped us
and held us in their grasp.

The lights were undimmed and we emerged from the spectacle.
We laughed.
We always knew we would emerge safe and well.

I hold on dearly to this moment
we shared together long ago.

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