Voices in my head

Voice 1 – “I am holding onto a dream”
Voice 2 – “What dream? Haven’t I told you before to stop that?”
Voice 1 – “Stop what?”
Voice 2 – “Dreaming”
Voice 1 – “But without them I cannot go on”
Voice 2 – “But with them you are leaving reality behind”
Voice 1 – “Isn’t that a good thing?”
Voice 2 – “Good grief! I am not even going to deign that question with a response.”
Voice 1 – “By the way, to whom am I speaking”
Voice 2 – “Your other self. The other part of you that questions all that you do”
Voice 1 – “Do you really have to do that? It can be quite annoying when I am trying to enjoy stuff”
Voice 2 – “Yes, I do have to do it! It keeps your feet firmly on the ground”.
Voice 1 – “But I do not want that. I want to fly sometimes”.
Voice 2 – “OK, but you still have to come down at some time”
Voice 1 – “I know that! It still doesn’t mean that I cannot try”.

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