I feel

I feel the stability of the world
the strength of the earth beneath my feet
the strength of the human race

I feel the fragility and studpidity of mankind
the chaos and uncertainty of everything around me
the foolishness and ephemeral nature of us

the thoughts of looking back in time before time itself
before the pinprick from which burst forth the blood and guts of the universe we find ourselves in
before the……………….

Time’s tautology ticks on
Shite’s hypocrisy drips on
Fuck’s immediacy trembles on

Can’t we understand what is going on with this pathetic mammal on this beautiful orb we call the earth?
We hide behind our beliefs believing that what we believe to be believable. Not ever suspecting that it is all of our own nonsense and that we all are holding onto this – no sense
I wanted to believe in something that I couldn’t and cannot to this day see.
Faith is a charged word carrying a loaded gun
Waiting for the innocent to come along
To blow their minds away
Send them back to the clay
From whence we all come.

I saw a rose beautiful, but threatening.
Something I cannot deal with.
I lose all control of myself and have no self-determination
Only a need to not displease.
A noose around my neck
A whirlpool of uncertainty in my mind.
Rid me of this thorn.

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