I reached the side of the road and pondered on my next move
I knew I had to get home somehow so, I stuck up my thumb.
The teaming rain did not help my negative thoughts, but hey what the fuck it’s only rain.
The grey clouds surrounded and engulfed me while I dreamt up how to while away the time until someone stopped for this poor sad fucker.
Wile some poor fucker into giving me a lift.
Dripping with thoughts and soaked through to the bone.
I could not do this for much longer.
Well, a few more hours anyway. I had to get home to see her.
The motorway station seemed such a long time ago now…
I remember the guy who picked me up and took me there. We chatted about eveything and nothing, and then, some more. About his time in Paris when everything was going well for him.
He dropped me off and I had to go take a leak.
Why was he following me? I kept my eye on him, but he did not make a move while we were taking a piss. Nor did he utter a word to me so, we went our separate ways. Anyway, I wasn’t into that sort of thing.
Back to the rain, torrential rain.
A car. Stopping. Thank goodness.
I looked at the man in the driving seat. He seemed normal enough, I laughed to myself.
We struck up a conversation and when we reached the end of my ride with him he said he was in love with God, and also with me.
Shit!! Not again. I sat there rivetted to my seat not knowing which way to turn.
He can love God all he likes, but I do not want him to love me. Please.
I sat transfixed, but he did nothing. Maybe, his love for me was not physical, but a spiritual one like his love for God. I was not sure, but I hoped this was the case.
Time to get out of the car and continue my travels back to Nottingham.
It had stopped raining. Thank fuck.
Where was I? How long before I got back.

I had not been in touch for a long time and felt guilty about this.
I have been through such a shit time.
The work I had been doing with a team that I was trying to lead had been a complete nightmare.
One of the girls was the devil in disguise. Manipulating, trying to screw everything up. Well, that was how I saw it then. But she was a completely free spirit.

Seducing one girl, who had at one time announced her undying love for her boyfriend, and then, was lying next to her naked and loving every minute of it.

She wanted me, too. As she lay on top of me I could not shake the thought that she was a witch trying to cast her devilish spell on me so, I told her to go.

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